These Grads Made It Happen!

By: Robin Pryor
Administrative Assistant, SUS Alumni Office

DO YOU RECOGNIZE these grads? They worked hard in school to learn the skills they use every day in their dream careers. They owe it all to hard work, perseverance, and great relationships built at Sullivan Tech. Read on for their tried-and-true advice for today’s underclassmen.


Beau Tomlinson
Beau Tomlinson, ACADD

Beau Tomlinson

Beau is “grateful to the staff and teachers of Sullivan Tech for taking the time to appreciate” his efforts while he attended. He has always been artistic and fascinated by different architectures, and that interest led him to complete the Architectural CADD program. He feels that it is the “future of design” and “wanted to be along for the ride.” Currently as a Designer 2 at Rainbow Design Services, he uses Microsoft Office and MicroStation on a daily basis. He attributes his efficiency to Donna Larson, calling her a Microsoft “genius.” Since he is multi-platform savvy, his managers see him as a “gold mine” to the company. He wants to eventually become a draftsman or designer for a large industry, then proceed to move him up to a leadership position. Randy George was his favorite Sullivan Tech instructor. He “always went above and beyond” to prepare the class with real world applications of their content. He partnered with Opportunity Space and took a few students to different sites around Louisville, where they updated floor plans and assisted with restoration projects.

Beau’s advice: “Don’t be afraid to raise your hand up and ask a question if you don’t understand. This is the great thing about Sullivan Tech; you can do this without having to feel guilty for the other 100 students that already get it and are ready to move on. These teachers are very knowledgeable and updated on what is actually happening in the field.”



Cristy Hammond
Cristy Hammond, Interior Design

Cristy Hammond

Cristy was originally interested in attending Sullivan for Engineering, but after her tour, she was so intrigued by the projects displayed in the Interior Design department that she changed her mind on the spot. She knew right off that she wanted to create her own designs. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design in 2015. She is currently a Kitchen and Bath Design Assistant for Century Entertainment & Furnishings, but aspires to become a Lead Designer in the near future. Sullivan Tech prepared her well, because she utilizes the same project management and programs that she used during school. Classmates and instructors were her favorite thing about Sullivan Tech. She gave a special mention to Malandra Gibson, who has brought so many challenging, creative ideas to the program.

Cristy’s advice: “Networking is huge in this industry….One of my classmates even helped me get my current position at Century… and I couldn’t be happier.”



Sara Cameron-Ragazzo
Sara Cameron-Ragazzo, Computer Graphic Design

Sara Cameron-Ragazzo

Sara graduated with an Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design because she wanted to realize a lifelong dream of adding graphic design skills to her marketing experience. The Graphic Design program at Sullivan Tech gave Sara a solid foundation which opened opportunities and gave her the confidence and the competitive advantage she needed to compete for her dream job at Brown-Forman as the Communications and Presentation Design Lead, which she currently holds. The interview process for this position began in January, and she was selected from the pool of finalists in May. The unique role is a hybrid position, combining graphic design, storytelling, and communication/marketing. Her primary responsibility is to craft presentations for the Executive Leadership team for any speaking engagements at which they present. Prior to Sara’s hire, Brown-Forman hired external agencies to do this work. Sara plans to stay at Brown-Forman because her new position has enormous potential for growth. She has extremely high quality standards that she incorporates into the public communications tools she uses. Additionally, she will work to build design archives for the major public events so there is an ongoing resource to repurpose their content. The position will also ultimately oversee the Brown-Forman corporate social media activity, and she is excited to build a creative and impactful strategy for launching a new social media campaign.

Sara’s advice: “1. Take your education very seriously. 2. Handle class projects like you are designing for a client. 3. Understand how competitive the workplace is going to be and make sure you have something that sets you apart from other designers! In my opinion, your education is your gift and you have to decide how you are going to use that gift.”




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Photos courtesy of Sullivan Tech Alumni Association