Pantoja Live Photography Demo

Antonio Pantoja Master Class at Sullivan Tech

SPRING 2017: The Energy Technology building was standing room only on the evening of February 27 for a free master class with professional photographer and editor Antonio Pantoja. Pantoja, with his team of stylists, went through the process of hair, makeup, styling, lighting, live model shoot, and post-production compositing using Adobe P...

Designs and Dodecahedrons: The secret lives of teachers

Physics Instructor. Michael Woodcox says his abilities in cubing are due to innate stubbornness.

SPRING 2017: “I love seeing teachers outside of school. It’s like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs.” – Janis Ian, Mean Girls.  Have you ever considered what your instructors do outside the classroom? Believe it or not, the faculty at Sullivan Tech have more than a few tricks up their sleeves, and they aren’t as unexpected as you might thin...