Old-School Technology in your friendly campus Library!

SPRING 2017: Come by the Library and check out some cool old-school technology—BOOKS! Library staff have been working hard to cultivate a collection of inspiring, relevant, current, and entertaining books. We have books to suit all your needs, whether you are looking for inspiration, additional information for your projects, or something that is simply entertaining. Books aren’t just a throwback from your grandma’s time, they remain an extremely useful resource as not everything is available via Google, and print materials often expose you to much more than what you can find online.

As far as digital technology goes, the Library offers students and faculty access to current information via websites, databases, and e-books. One new online resource to highlight from the SCTD Library website is the Sustainability Resources Page. As you know, green technology and sustainability are important factors in all programs at our college. This guide helps you find materials relating to green technology in specific fields of study. Go to: libguides.sullivan.edu/SCTDSustainability.

By: Jill Sherman

Pictured is the section on the new library site that highlights sustainability resources relating to architecture and interior design.

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