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Ashley (center) discussed her group's designs during the closing presentations of The Studio 2016.
Ashley (center) discussed her group’s designs during the closing presentations of The Studio 2016.

SPRING 2017: I attended The Studio in 2016 and it was so much fun! I made several friends that I still talk to on occasion, and I learned things that are helping me with my current Graphic Design courses.

It was The Studio that actually set in stone my decision to study Graphic Design and attend Sullivan College of Technology & Design. I was already looking at the school, but I enjoyed The Studio and the experience with Graphic Design so much that I enrolled!

Staying in Gardner Point Residence Hall during the program helped with my adjustment to college life; I currently live in the dorms.

My Studio experience included a trip to VIA Studios to get a glimpse into a day in the life of a professional Graphic Designer. During the camp, I worked with the Design teachers, other participants and a pair of professional videographers to create a public service commercial advocating a cause of our choosing.  We chose to build awareness of the Ohio River pollution. We planned and shot two commercials; one short, one for web use, and a slightly longer one for television.

They both featured a company luncheon we filmed at the dorms.  The camera pans up the table and across our lunch plates.  At first glance, they appear to have cooked fish atop a bed of vegetables, but upon closer inspection, it is fish on a bed of garbage, broken glass and computer parts. You’ll see my friend Katelyn sitting at the end of the table representing “Death.”

The camera pans to her face, and you hear her distorted voice talk about the dangers of polluting the Ohio River; how the pollution has escalated to unsafe levels. I’m incredibly proud of our PSAs, and I think the others were too.

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The outings we went on as part of the Summer Studio were also a lot of fun. For example, we went to the outlet mall in Simpsonville and the Main Event entertainment complex. My friend Felicity, who is relatively small in stature, challenged us to a few rounds of Laser Tag; it was so much fun watching her roll around like a crazy person!


At the end of the program, we hosted a video presentation for our families. I highly recommend attending The Studio program this summer, it makes lasting memories and fantastic stories!

Watch Ashley’s PSA from The Studio 2016:

This year’s Studio will be June 11-16 and features concentrations in graphic design, web development, interior design, and robotics. For more information or to register, visit


Ashley Boettner
Ashley Boettner


Ashley Boettner is a third quarter graphic design student with an interest in drawing and animation. She spends most of her time either drawing, hanging out with her friends, or writing. One of her favorite hobbies is needle-felting small animals.

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