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Stephanie Dennison and Kaylin Shackelford
Stephanie Dennison and Kaylin Shackelford

go here SPRING 2017: Graphic Design students / besties Kaylin Shackelford and Stephanie Dennison love dressing up and attending Comic Con conventions. They attended the Indiana Comic Con on April 15 dressed as the Queen of Hearts and Alice in Wonderland.

go here Kaylin says, “I had my costume made by a very talented woman on Etsy whose store name is SmallNeedle. The wig was also made by an extremely talented woman on Etsy whose shop name is FrancescaLolita.

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rencontre femme 1m50 I did make the hairbow and flamingo props myself. This is my third year going to Comic Cons, but I have done other costumes for children’s birthday parties and stuff like that as well. I have been Tinker Bell, Ariel, and Numbah 3 from Code Name Kids Next Door.”

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see url Catch these ladies in new costumes at the OMG Con and the Derby City Con or book them for your next birthday party!