Dynamic Web Development

Haleh Karimi, DWD Department Chair

SPRING 2017 DWD students are staying busy! In JavaScript class, DWD students are learning how to build an e-commerce website for all of the online shopping fanatics. In Visual Studio class, students are creating a landing page coding in C# using APIs to link to other websites. Web IV students have been working on four community projects for loca

Interior Design

Karen Veith and Wayne Whitson

  SPRING 2017 We’re proud to announce that our International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Campus Center was recently named Campus Center of the Year! We’re grateful to our Interior Design students, faculty and staff for making Sullivan Tech an amazing place to learn. - Karen  Veith, ID Dept. Chair FALL 2016 Malandra Gibson,


Michael Covington

FALL 2016 Michael Covington, Department Chair The career I ended up with is not one that I knew existed in 1983. I have been in the HVAC/R industry for more than 30 years. now and often wonder why this industry remains hidden. I started my career in 1983 as installation help. When I was promoted to a service technician in 1985, I still just had a

Computer Graphic Design

SPRING 2017 So far 2017 has been fun and educational! Last quarter, Environmental Design students went to the Founder’s Garden Facade to brainstorm and sketch a signage system for the new Waterfront Botanical Gardens. You may have seen the interactive exhibit signs they designed and installed around the Student Lounge. By the way, Deadpool won b

Computer Engineering Technology

Jim Barks

SPRING 2017 Why buy a digital clock when you can build one yourself?   Students in Digital Electronics II have the opportunity to do just that as their final project in the course. This capstone project lets students use the skills they have learned in all of their electronic courses. The department also sponsors a contest for the most functiona

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Corey Lewison

SPRING 2017 AMT is excited to welcome two new instructors! Terry McCleese is our new Training Manager for Computer Numerical Control (CNC). He brings 29 years of manufacturing experience as an operator and an engineer to help us develop our CNC program. Keil Roark brings 18 years of product development, manufacturing, quality and reliability exp