If You Love It, You’ll Learn It

Chad Hester

Go ahead and think of that person you know who’s filled with seemingly useless statistics, facts, and information about a given subject.  That guy who knows every actor who has ever played in every movie and constantly is challenging you to play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.  That girl who is obsessed with any and everything music and assumes that yo...

Ask Emily: Resumes & Interviews

Emily Stines

Do you have a burning career-related question? Then ASK EMILY by emailing estines@sctd.edu  or by using drop box in the large Student Lounge.    Hello! My name is Emily Stines; I am the Employer Relations Specialist here at Sullivan Tech! For those of you who don’t know what that means or what I do, I assist students and graduates wit...

To Network or Not…How Ditching My Comfort Zone was the Best Decision Ever

Erika Mendez

TO BE FAIR, I AM NO EXPERT at life nor any networking connoisseur by any standard, however college really allowed me to come out of my shell. When I was in high school people always tried to force me to talk, but I just observed closely. Once in college, I loved what I was doing and who I was around, and I think that propelled me enough to jump ...

You’re Not Special— Do Something About It!

Chad Hester

Chad Hester, Admissions Officer DESPITE THE FACT that your 550 Twitter followers and 100+ ‘likes’ for the latest food pic you posted make you feel significant the fact is: you are not. This is absolutely contradictory to any commencement speech you’ve heard in the past and flies in the face of the social media revolution in which we find ourse...

These Grads Made It Happen!

Sara Cameron-Ragazzo

By: Robin Pryor Administrative Assistant, SUS Alumni Office DO YOU RECOGNIZE these grads? They worked hard in school to learn the skills they use every day in their dream careers. They owe it all to hard work, perseverance, and great relationships built at Sullivan Tech. Read on for their tried-and-true advice for today’s underclassmen.